What is E-Archive?

According to Tax Procedure Law, invoice is document that is prepared at least in two copies where the first copy (the original one) is submitted to the customer, and the second one is stored by the tax payers pursuant to the storage and submission provisions of the same Law.

According to this communique, the invoice prepared electronically and sent to the receiver in hard copy or electronically is considered the original document and the one that is stored by the issuer is considered as the second copy. The tax payers authorized by the Prime Ministry pursuant to this Communique for E-Archive processes can keep the invoice prepared electronically in an electronic environment.


How to Benefit from E-Archive?

In order to benefit from e-archive, the taxpayers should be registered in the e-invoice application established according to the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué, numbered 397.  The taxpayers can use the e-archive Application either on their own data processing system or through a Special Integrator data processing system approved by the Chairmanship. Accordingly, our can receive service according to the model they have chosen as;

Edoksis e-Archive Features

  • Invoices issued on the systems of institutions (ERP, Accounting Programs, etc.) can be stored on the Edoksis system and monthly e-archive reports can be prepared during the required period of time
  • Invoices can be issued on the portal
  • e-archive report can be signed electronically with Finance Seal using the Xades-A signature method
  • The sealed e-archive report can be sent to Revenue Administration
  • The status of the e-archive report sent to the Revenue Administration can be loaded to the system
  • The finance seal and all other necessary checks can be performed
  • Effective queries can be performed using indexing and logging
  • Invoices can be viewed and printed in the e-archive report
  • E-archive report can be viewed and printed
  • A notification can be sent to companies when e-archive reports are not prepared on time
  • The e-archive report of the previous month can be sent automatically from the system pn a pre-determined time without any trigger by the company
  • ​The invoices allowed to be sent electronically can be sent to receiver party

Edoksis E-Archive Infrastructure

We aim to setup the same web services in the Edoksis system to the company systems as well for faster data transfer. We backup of data about all sent invoices and prepared reports and ensure their protection in all possible conditions. It also provides hardware requirements setup on a strong infrastructure to provide fast rate data transfer.