Portal Management is an e-invoice application offered by the Revenue Administration free of charge at the address: the www.efatura.gov.tr. The invoices can be manually issued over the Revenue Administration Portal. Edoksis Portal Product allows you to convert your invoices collectively to UBL-TR format and upload them on to the Revenue Administration portal without the need of any additional system. Up to 5,000 invoices can be uploaded per month (until April 2014).

Edoksis Integration Product

The companies can use their own data processing system by integrating Edoksis to their own system. Uninterrupted connection can be established 7/24 with systems integrated to Revenue Administration system. In order to apply for this method, the companies have to specify their request to benefit from the E-Invoice application through integration method during their application to the Revenue Administration.

Edoksis Special Integration Service

The companies can benefit from the E-invoice application with integration when they access Bimsa Edoksis system through cloud and use the data processing system. In this case, the companies which have the finance seal can apply to Bimsa to be included in the Edoksis application. The companies that receive special integration service are offered application development, operation, application operation and archiving services so they do not have to make additional investment for these services.

Requirements for Applying to E-Invoice

·         Application for E-Invoice (Revenue Administration)

·         Application for finance seal (Revenue Administration)

·         It is necessary to apply in writing to the Revenue Administration to benefit from the E-Invoice Application. After the application is approved, the necessary fee shall be payable to TÜBİTAK/UEKAE, after which the finance seal certificate is received.  It can be used immediately after E-Invoice Application is integrated using the e-invoice portal or other programs.